Track Lights

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We offer 1 style of LED Track Light that can be configured with different options, including: power consumption, light output, colour and beam angle!

Our LED Track Light has been designed as a 9-piece LED fitting, which can be offered in a variety of wattages from 13W up to 27W through the implementation of our high efficiency, power factor corrected LED drivers.

We offer 4 options:    TL-13W-350mA;    TL-18W-500mA;    TL-22W-600mA;    TL-27W-700mA

TL-27W-700mA has been designed as a direct replacment for 70W Metal Halide Track Lights, where the 27W LED Track Light when compared with 70W Metal Halide, will give energy savings in excess of 70%!
Our Track Lights can be offered as either Non-Dimmable or Dimmable, and are available in 3 finishes (White, Black & Silver)

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TL-13W / -18W / -22W / -27W
Power:          13W, 18W, 22W, 27W

Efficiency:  >90%;   PFC: >0.95

LED Colour: Warm White (3000K)
                        Cool White (4000K)
                        Pure White (5000K)

LED Chip:     3W Cree

Light O/P:      13W: 850Lm, 18W: 1200Lm,
                         22W: 1450Lm, 27W: 1800Lm

Housing:       Black, White or Silver

Dimmable:   YES!

Warranty:     3 years

Our TL range of LED Track Lights offer 70% energy savings versus metal malide.  They have been designed with highest quality Cree LED chips, which offer maxiumum lumens per watt, with >85 CRI (colour  rendering) and use the best available LED drivers, thus making this track light very suitable for retail lighting applications.
Our LED Track Lights come with a 3-year warranty, offer superior light output and crystal clear colour rendering through use of USA Cree LED chips, and 'best in class' LED Drivers.

TL-27W will easily replace 70W metal halide (>70% savings)!